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This tutorial is designed for those that have existing projects that depend on Web API 2. For newer projects, please consider using Web API 3.

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Web API Documentation

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Accessing Pid, Uid, Hsum, PrivateKey

Code Examples

Key ‘activation’ and key ‘validation’ are very similar. Validation can be thought of as ‘read only’ activation, i.e. validation does not take into account the machine code or any constraints that you have in the control panel. Please read the following tutorial to get a better understanding of the capabilities these methods have.

Important note about SKGL Extension (SKM Client API)

We have received information that v.401 may not be able to work properly due to a time-out setting in some specific networks. All methods should work based on our tests, but if you really want to be certain, please keep using v.2 of SKGL Extension if you plan to solely use Web API 2 functionality.

Key Activation

Key Validation

Almost the same as the example above (i.e. for Key Activation). You only need to change the method to KeyValidation and skip the machine code (mid) parameter.

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