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  1. jusvu

    Hi! Is it possible to define some kind of “general trial key”? I mean can I define a key, which could be included in the SW package, which would allow the SW to run, say 30 days in one machine? Or how can I achieve such feature?
    I would like to put my .NET SW available publicly in the internet, so that anyone can download it’ but it will run only 30 days in the one machine and then stops working until the user purchases the SW and receives a new key.

    If I create a new trial key today and define 30 days trial period, it will give key expiration date 30 from today. But I would like to create a key, which does not have expiration date, only 30 day limit from the first start of the SW in the specific machine. Is this possible or do I need to create new trial key for every customer separately?

    1. Hi!

      Thank you for asking!

      First, I would advise against “hard coding” a trial key that is the same for all the instances of your application. Trial activation is ment to be used so that every instance receives a unique trial key, and it will not function properly if the same key is shared across all instances.

      I would recommend the following solution:

      1. On your website, you ask the user to provide their email address.
      2. You check if the email already exists. If not, create a new trial key.
      3. The user will enter the key into the app and all will work as desired.
      4. (optional) you can later upgrade the same license key to give them more features.

      The suggestion above can be done better so that the user does not have provide their email address. Instead, your SW will submit the machine id of the user to SKM, and if this is a new machine, a new trial key will be created.

      We don’t have this functionality yet, but I will be happy to add it if you think it would be useful!

  2. jusvu

    Hi! Thanks for your fast response! The idea you describe sounds good and I would be interested such feature.

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