SKGL Extension (for .NET)

The table below summarizes the changes made to SKGL Extension API for .NET, and whether these changes can potentially break your current implementation. Please always check that the new version of the API does not break any code logic prior to releasing your application.

VersionPotential ProblemsChanges
4.0.*YESFull support for Web API 3. Web API 2 is still supported, so code that worked in versions 3.0.3 should work in this version as well. However, it has been reported that slow connection might contribute to a time-out, which will not allow SKM to validate a license key.
3.0.3YESDowngraded to Newtonsoft JSON 6.0.8 and more support for Web API 3.
The KeyInformation was changed, which may cause issues during serialization.
3.0.2NOAdd support for Data Objects.
3.0.1YESThe KeyInformation class now includes an additional field "Key". This may cause errors when loading a saved KeyInfo object that used the old format. NB: this should occur if JSON was used, however. In addition, more support for the Web API 3 methods was added.
2.0.9NOSupport for Web API 3, and improvements to save/load functions and getMachineCode.
2.0.8NOAdd more extension methods to the fluent API.

* – This version is not yet released.

Help & Support

Please see this page for ways to get support. Enterprise options are available also.


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