Simplifying the Code (fluent interface)

The recent release of SKGL Extension for .NET allows the licensing logic to use a fluent interface. All of this should drastically improve productivity and reduce the time needed to implement a secure licensing system.

New Methods

Right now, there are five methods that can be used to replace a lot of code, hence save implementation time.

The Idea – Why useful?

The idea behind these methods is to simplify the logic that is used to secure an application. Instead of having a lot of “if” statements, these new methods allow us to store restrictions in a single statement. Normally, these statements should be used on a KeyInformation object that you get when you activate/validate a serial key (a license). If you want to get an answer whether a certain object fulfills the conditions, the IsValid method should be applied in the end of it.


Let’s say you want to make sure that a trial key has not expired. If feature1 is true, we know it’s a trial key (false would indicate that it’s not a trial key, so expiration date would be useless). Here’s an example:


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