On this page you can see some of the common questions related to the way Serial Key Manager functions in terms of security. You are always welcome to ask us questions!

Is the website database encrypted?

The database is encrypted and all requests that occur between the web application and the database are encrypted also. In addition, all communications between you and the server is encrypted with RSA 2048 and AES 256.

Were are the files stored so that it’s hard for hackers to find the password?

The database and the application are running on Microsoft Azure.

Why do I need a key for trial; won’t the program run for a limited time without validation?

This is another security measure to prevent people from removing a registry key or a file on their pc to enable the trial again. Key trial functionality will store the machine code of the client user on the server. Please also see Keys that don’t Expire.

Is there protection against clock rollback?

If you are using .NET, there is a method in the SGKL Extension library with the following signature:

public static bool TimeCheck()

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