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Request Items

Request items are used to call the Web API, for example. However, they may also be used to notify your website (as a webhook)

  • Url – The URL that SKM Platform will call upon successful transaction.
  • Type – The type of request.
    • DataRequest – This assumes the website (eg. Web API result) returns a JSON object (a hashmap, to be precise). SKM will take these values and insert them into the thank you page, instead of the [name]. So, if JSON object is {“key”:”ABCD”}, and our message contains Thank you. Your key is [key]., the customer will see Thank you. Your key is ABCD.
    • VoidRequest – Simply sends a request without taking into account what it returns.
  • Method  – This can either be GET or POST. Web API 3 requires this to be GET.

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