Periodic Key Validation (offline)

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  1. Hi there,

    Just a quick question with this method an example sample code.

    Would this require use to store the serial key? In order to re-authorise with the server after a 30 day period? I.e. that serial key isn’t able to extracted from their local key (if it is present)?

    What I am meaning to say is:
    Day 30 ticks over and the first offline activation fails – how do we retrieve the serial key the user originally registered with to be able to re-activate online. Can we do this without needing to prompt the user?


    1. Hi @Scott,

      Thank your for your question. KeyInformation field does not contain a “KeyString” property. I will add it today/tomorrow and let you know.
      Once this is done, this will be possible. In meantime, you can store the key in the NewKey field.

      Edit: it will probably be done sometime this week.

    2. Finally, it works! You can achieve this by adding the following code snippet:

      In this case, users won’t need to retype the key once 30 days have passed. Note, this requires the newest version of SKGL Extension, from 3.0.1 and above.

  2. jusvu

    Hi! This offline validation example seems to be for v2 API. I tested this on v3 API and it says: KeyInformation’ does not contain a definition for ‘LoadFromFile’

    Could it be possible to get an example for the same functionality in v3 API?

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