Optional Field

For newer implementations, please consider using Data Objects instead.

Each key has an optional field associated with it. When you create a key, you can set it to any positive integer. The purpose of the optional field is to allow storage of quotas for the client application. The client application will only be able to get the value of this field or decrease it by a constant amount.

SKGL Extension

In SKGL Extension, there is a method called OptionalField that allows you to both retrieve and decrease the value of it. Below, an example that firsts checks the current value and later decreases it by 1.

As it can be seen, by default, we are only retrieving the current value (SKGL.SKM.Todo is equal to Get). In order to decrease the value, you have to specify this explicitly by setting SKGL.SKM.Todo to be Set.


The Optional Field functionality can also be altered by the Web API. The list of parameters can be found here.

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