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Image if you would be able to set up a subscription based model for your application really easily. In a subscription based model, you offer your application as a service (maybe with additional technical support) to the end user. This means that your end user gets to use your application for a limited amount of time. Once it expires, they would have to upgrade the license for continual use. Support for license extension is available in SKM.

Getting Started

Before you can continue,  you need to get an access token. For this tutorial, simply go to the link below:

Once you’re there, please generate a new access token and save it for later use. Once you start to use the code in production, please check out the link below to maximize the security:

Now, let’s look at how this can be achieved using SKGL Extension. We will be using the ExtendLicense method. Here’s a sample implementation.

The are are two things to keep in mind. ProductId and Token. The ProductId can be found here on top of the page (please select the desired product). Once selected, the ProductId will appear under Parameters.

How it works

Given a certain NoOfDays, the method will extend a license in different ways depending on whether it has expired (the expiration date has passed) or not. If the license has expired, the NoOfDays will be added to the current date (the date when the request is sent). If it has not, the NoOfDays will be added to the expiration date.

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