Data Analysis

This feature is still in development mode. Please see this blog post.


Analysis of the data that is collected using Web API Log and Current Activations is not only useful from a statistical perspective, but also from a security perspective. By executing specialized scripts that search for unwanted behaviour, it is easier to take measures at a much earlier stage.

Getting Started

The scripts can be found by navigating to There, you will be able to create new scripts and specify how often they should be executed and what measures should be taken. Note, if you specify that no measures should be taken, execution of a script will not do anything at all.

In order to execute a Script (now, for testing purposes), press on the Execute Scripts. This can, depending on the action, take some time, depending on the script. Please allow 1-2 minutes per script if the script is very complex (this will be optimized later).

There are, at the moment, some scripts that can be used already. Those can be found at Warnings will be posted here:

Prior Knowledge

Please note that the concept might not be easy to grasp right away. It is advised that you’ve read about the data structures behind Web API Logs (referred to as Log) and Current Activated Machines (referred to as Activations). This can be found here. To sum up, you would want know that State is a way to deduce whether a request (activation, validation, etc) was successful or not. In the scripts, you will notice that  State % 100 >= 20 means that the request was unsuccessful. Of course, we can go in to more details by if we know the meaning of particular state codes, which can be found in the Web API documentation.


  • Optimization of queries inside queries.
  • Take the action that is required by the script.

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