Improvements to Payment Forms

From: Automation of software licensing and distribution greatly reduces the time needed to process orders, and thus allows you to focus on building great products. SKM Payment Forms allow you to easily achieve that automation. Here are some of the improvements we’ve made in the last couple of weeks: Tutorial: Designed […]

Introducing Data Analysis (experimental)

Today we’ve released the first version of the Data Analysis component, code named Analytics Scripts. The primary idea behind the project is to enable analysis of data such as WebAPILogs and Activated Machines, and thus be able to spot suspicious behaviour and take appropriate measures. Getting Started There are two main pages […]

Where to find our blog

Our blog is currently hosted here: We are still working on the knowledge base, therefore, it might appear to be a bit messy.

Implement SKGL API into your application

Warning: It’s better to use the Key Activation/Validation function in the Web API as it does not require you to store the password inside the client application. In order to validate serial keys that you have generated in Serial Key Manager, you need to do as following: Download SKGL API: […]