Maximum Number of Keys

In any one product, 99999 (10^5-1) keys can be stored. As a point of reference, given that your application costs $50 and that you have sold 10^5-1 copies, you would gain ca. $5,000,000 ($5 million). Note: 99999 of keys can be generated with the same configuration (time limit, feature, creation date). […]


SKGL API is a free of charge, open source library, which used for key generation in Serial Key Manager. You can use this library in your client application to validate the serial keys generated using Serial Key Manager. Link to SKGL API:

SKM Client API

Introduction SKM Client API (aka SKGL Extension API) is a free of charge, open source library that provides additional methods for the functionality available in the Serial Key Manager platform. One of the examples is key activation. In other words, it is used to simplify interaction with the Web API. […]


What is Web API? Web API can be thought of as a channel that can be used to talk to Serial Key Manager from external applications. It contains a wide range of methods that will respond different information depending on input parameters. For example, these methods allow you to activate […]

Implement SKGL API into your application

Warning: It’s better to use the Key Activation/Validation function in the Web API as it does not require you to store the password inside the client application. In order to validate serial keys that you have generated in Serial Key Manager, you need to do as following: Download SKGL API: […]