SKGL Extension (for .NET)

The table below summarizes the changes made to SKGL Extension API for .NET, and whether these changes can potentially break your current implementation. Please always check that the new version of the API does not break any code logic prior to releasing your application. * – This version is not […]

Key Generation Algorithms in Web API

The table below specifies whether or not a certain method will work with either SKGL or SKM15. If the method cannot be found in this table, it is, most likely, compatible with both of the algorithms. However, to be sure, please check the documentation for each method.  

Simplifying the Code (fluent interface)

The recent release of SKGL Extension for .NET allows the licensing logic to use a fluent interface. All of this should drastically improve productivity and reduce the time needed to implement a secure licensing system. New Methods Right now, there are five methods that can be used to replace a lot […]

Data Analysis

This feature is still in development mode. Please see this blog post. Summary Analysis of the data that is collected using Web API Log and Current Activations is not only useful from a statistical perspective, but also from a security perspective. By executing specialized scripts that search for unwanted behaviour, it is […]

Where to find our blog

Our blog is currently hosted here: We are still working on the knowledge base, therefore, it might appear to be a bit messy.

Key Generation

This article describes the way you can generate keys by a simple web request through another website or an application. Why? Nowadays, many operations are performed by a computer. In terms of software distribution, it is an advantage if the entire cycle (app downloaded, evaluated, purchased, activated) is automatized. External key generation […]

Keys that don’t Expire

When you are about to create a new key, you might have noticed that you are required to specify an expiration date (i.e. the number of day the key should be “valid”). However, expiration date does not affect the validity of a key. Here’s how: When you perform an Activation or […]

Key Deactivation

All keys can either be activated with a machine code or deactivated. As many users are mobile, it means that they might want to change the computer (device) that runs the app. This can easily be achieved with the deactivation functionality. SKGL Extension In SKGL Extension, you can use the […]

Time Rollback

In order to make sure that the local time (date and time) wasn’t changed by the user, we can use the TimeCheck method. Example

Note It has been reported that this method might return false even though the time hasn’t changed. A solution to this is to run the method […]