Delete Key

At this point, it’s not possible to remove a key permanently for security reasons. However, there are two ways to achieve a similar effect: Navigate to the Security page and select Hide Blocked Keys (remember to save changes). In order to ‘remove the key’, you simply Block the key on the product page (i.e. […]

Web API 2 Reference

This tutorial is designed for those that have existing projects that depend on Web API 2. For newer projects, please consider using Web API 3. API Documentation Web API Documentation .NET Specific Documentation Accessing Pid, Uid, Hsum, PrivateKey – for pid, uid and hsum – for the […]

Payment Forms FAQ

Request Items Request items are used to call the Web API, for example. However, they may also be used to notify your website (as a webhook) Url – The URL that SKM Platform will call upon successful transaction. Type – The type of request. DataRequest – This assumes the website […]

More about Keys

A Key, as you might have noticed, is an important part of the licensing process. During key creation in the previous tutorial, it could be seen that there are so many parameters that can be customized. The aim of this article is to describe how most of the parameters can […]

Basics of SKM Platform

Introduction In Serial Key Manager, there are two key concepts: a key and a product (a set of keys). Key A Key is a 20 letters long string, for example, MUYVD-LSEBY-CXHRQ-XFAGY which stores information about the current license. That is, the key tells the software what kind offeatures should be […]

Set Usage ‘Quota’ for a Feature

This article is deprecated and is kept as a reference only. Please see the updated code here. Scenario Image you distribute trial keys and you want to restrict the number of times a certain feature can be used. Let’s assume that you’ve developed the application below, and you want your trial […]

Improvements to Payment Forms

From: Automation of software licensing and distribution greatly reduces the time needed to process orders, and thus allows you to focus on building great products. SKM Payment Forms allow you to easily achieve that automation. Here are some of the improvements we’ve made in the last couple of weeks: Tutorial: Designed […]

Customizing Thank You Page

From the previous tutorials, we learned that SKM Payment Forms support a default payment page. However, what if you would like to redirect your customers to your own page to perform some additional business logic? In that case, we would have to do some additional work, in order to ensure […]

Creating a Payment Form Example

Let’s look at how it’s possible to set up a Payment Form. Each set of steps is grouped into a certain section in order to make it easier for you to go through the tutorial. Aim (what to achieve?) After the steps below, we want to set up a payment […]