Getting started with Serial Key Manager

A quick introduction to the basics of Serial Key Manager platform


In the previous tutorial we saw that keys have many different fields that can be customized. Imagine now that you are able to retrieve these values from any application. Clearly, this would allow you to make many customization to the client software based on the key. The way this information can be accessed is through the Web API.

List of requests

ValidateThis type of request is usually sent from your client software to check whether a key is valid.
ActivateThis works almost as Validate, except that this request can register machine codes and change the key.
DeactivateThis de-activates the machine code that was activated using Activated.
Optional Field This will retrieve an integer value that was associated with the key. This value can be either retrieved or decreased.
Generate a KeyThis will generate a new key with specified properties, eg. set time, features.
Get Activated MachinesThis will return all activated machines for a given serial key.
List of ProductsThis will return a a list of your current products.
Get Product VariablesThis will return some variables that are needed to perform Activation and Validation.


The requests above have different authentication levels, that is, the amount of information that is required to perform a request.

Ways to access the Web API

Since Web API does require any particular platform, it is possible to perform all these actions from all platforms that have access to the Internet. However, in order to avoid invention of the wheel each time you want to perform these actions, there are several libraries you can use.

Note, all code is already pre-configured for most of the actions in the control panel. Simply look out for the following button:


For .NET users, it's recommended to use the latest version SKGL Extension for .NET .

In Java (beta)

If you are need a library that supports Java, you could try SKGL Extension for Java. Note, it does not contain all methods and functionality of the .NET version.

In other environments

If you are in any other environment you could always use the Web API directly. There is currently a well-documented website dedicated to it, referenced below.


In this article, we looked some of the advantages of Web API and the way it can be used. This was the last Getting Started tutorial. I hope you will enjoy using Serial Key Manager! If you would have any questions, please ask us. Good luck!

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